Allen Fong – Boon bin yen AKA Ah Ying (1983)

A young woman, Ah Ying, works at her family fish stand. Discontented with her home life and neglectful boyfriend, she joins an acting class run by a professor who, as it happens, is at work on the script of a film that is supposed to document the lives of ordinary people. A friendship blossoms between teacher and student, and he begins to delive into her life for inspiration.

Tony Rayns on this film:
Allen Fong invents Chinese docu-drama, taking Hui So-Ying out of her job on her parents’ fish market stall and following her progress in acting classes; in the background, her family acts out its real-life domestic strains and crises. Fong based the character of Ah Ying’s drama teacher Cheung on his late friend Koh Wu (Peter Wang’s performance is a creditable impersonation), who spent years trying but failing to raise money for a film in Hong Kong. It adds up to a wry panorama of everyday dreams and aspirations, often – but not always – doomed to be dashed. (Time Out Film Guide)

Allen Fong invents the Chinese docudrama, asking a real-life family to act out its own domestic strains and crises. The style was rooted in the work he’d previously done for TV, but this film took the method to a much higher level. The character played by Peter Wang was based on the recently deceased Koh Wu, and the film was intended in part as a memorial to him. (Hong Kong Babylon)

1.10GB | 59:59 | 352×288 | avi

Subtitles:Chinese + English (hard)

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