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Francis Leclerc – Un Été Sans Point Ni Coup Sûr AKA A No-Hit No-Run Summer (2008)

Variety.com wrote:
Set in ’69, “A No-Hit, No-Run Summer” gets to first base, at least, with its modest tale of B-team squirts who play in old hockey jerseys but eventually hold their own against the well-named Aristocrats. Third feature by Quebecois helmer Francis Leclerc (“Girl at the Window”) is formulaic and insubstantial, but pleasant and occasionally more as it asserts the sandlot’s rejuvenating power for pint-sizers like 12-year-old Martin (Pier-Luc Funk), whose dad (Patrice Robitaille) takes up coaching duties for the summer. Movie is far milder than either version of “The Bad News Bears,” for better and worse; grosses will follow suit.

Pic’s sole visual distinction is its occasional use of mock homemovie montages to advance the simple underdog narrative. Cover versions of period pop tunes — e.g., “Sunshine Superman,” “California Dreamin’ ” — likewise liven things up a tad. Young slugger’s dream of hitting a homer against the Cardinals’ ace pitcher gets replayed just for fun, and an imaginary friend in the big leagues drops by intermittently to impart gentle advice. Funk, all the way to the big game, narrates the film in voiceover. Production values are swell.

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