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Jos Stelling – Duska (2007)

Plot / Synopsis
A socially inept middle-aged man is confronted with an unexpected guest even more clueless than himself in this comedy. Bob is a film critic from the Netherlands who loves and understands the movies but doesn’t have the same knack with the real world, especially the opposite sex. Bob is deeply infatuated with a woman who works at the popcorn counter of his favorite movie theater, but while she sometimes flirts with him, he’s too nervous to follow through. Bob decides he needs to be more bold if he wants to win his dream girl, but just as he’s gathering his courage to lure her back to his apartment, he suddenly finds himself entertaining an unexpected guest. Duska is an even geekier movie buff Bob met at a film festival in Russia , and he’s decided to take him up on his offer to let him stay at his flat if he’s ever in town. While Duska is cramping the style Bob is trying to develop, the larger problem is that his new houseguest seems to be planning a long-term visit and Bob doesn’t know how to get rid of him.

This movie is about an older film critic (Bob) who lives a lonely life and goes through his daily routine with not much things going on in his life. What becomes apparent from the very beginning of the movie is that Bob is emotionally reserved person, introvert, and as such secure: with no friends or family he has nothing to risk and nothing to lose, but also nothing to gain on a deep, emotional level. Secure in his little world — consisting of his apartment and a nearby cinema — he keeps his daily routine going on for years.

However, things start to change when he becomes attracted to a much younger girl working in the theater. His long-time suppressed emotionality starts to surface and an inner struggle develops. He finally has a chance to find happiness in his life, but on the expense of emotional attachment and vulnerability. The main character’s emotional component is depicted through Bob’s alter ego — Duska — an uninvited visitor who speaks language Bob does not understand and who doesn’t want to leave.

Once it is understood that Duska is not a real person, but a suppressed component of Bob’s personality, all other pieces of the movie fit together perfectly….

1.29GB | 2.01:1 | 716×356 | avi


Language: Dutch | Russian
Subtitles: English (.srt)


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