Kon Ichikawa – Okuman choja aka A Billionaire (1954)

A full description of the film can be found in James Quandt’s edited collection of writings on (and by) Ichikawa Kon from the Cinemateque Ontario (in Sato Tadao’s essay “Kon Ichikawa” on pages 109 – 111). A Billionaire was one of a handful of 50s comedies that Ichikawa directed that were extremely successful at the box office. These films were characterized by rapid-fire dialogue and biting social commentary (others like this include Pu-San and Mr Lucky). This is definitely a period of Ichikawa’s career that deserves more focus from the West.

678MB | 2h 45mn | 720×480 | avi



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  1. Thanks for this Ichikawa !

  2. Thank you. Incredible that you managed to track it down. Is there any hope of subtitles?

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