Kong Lung – Chuang aka The Window (1968)

Lung Kong’s first color feature (and 3rd film) expands on thematic concerns supplanted in The Story of a Discharged Prisoner made one year before, situating issues of social reform within an impassioned romantic melodrama. The relationship between a career criminal and a blind girl (a stunning performance by Josephine Siao) form a portrait of marginalized life in a rapidly-modernizing Hong Kong. The profound chemistry between Patrick Tse and Josephine Siao onscreen served as the primary inspiration for the famed hit man-blind girl pairing in John Woo’s award-winning film The Killer (1989). (description from Letterboxd)

0.98GB | 1 h 46 min | 640×288 | avi

Subtitles:Chinese and English (burnt in)

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  1. hi! i am afraid that this link to the movie “CHUANG(1968)” is no longer available. thanks in advance for fixing it.

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