1971-1980AdventureCultKunt TulgarTurkey

Kunt Tulgar – Süpermen dönüyor AKA Turkish Superman (1979)

After a mysterious prologue in a Christmas tree ornaments-filled “starscape”, Turkish Clark Kent is told by his parents that he is an Alien from space and that he must leave to accomplish his destiny. They give him a green gem which he takes into a nearby cave. There, Jor-El, minus half of his front teeth, appears and reveals to Clark that he is Superman…

The most talked-about cult film of all times comes from Turkey! Defying criticism, ignoring “obstacles” and aiming at the heart it will disarm you willy- nilly! The only remaining print found, was far from perfect of course but you should be getting used to it already!

701MB | 1:08:12 | 576×416 | avi


Subtitles:English hardsubbed

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