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Lewis Seiler – Women’s Prison (1955)

A ruthless superintendent of a prison, Amelia van Zandt, makes life hell for the female inmates. Her rules are rigid and she makes no exceptions.

The newcomer Helene Jensen is not a hardened criminal by any means, but a woman convicted of vehicular homicide after she accidentally killed a child. Out of place here, Helene is so distraught that Van Zandt has her placed in solitary confinement, making it even worse. Helene nearly dies.

The prison has two wings, one for women, one for men. One of the inmates, Joan Burton, has been illicitly having conjugal relations late at night with her husband, Glen, a convict in the other wing. Now she is expecting a baby, and brutal men’s warden Brock issues a stern warning to Van Zandt that she’d better find out how the two prisoners have been arranging these meetings.

1.93gb | 1 h 19 min | 1280×720 | mkv


Subtitles:English and Spanish (muxed)

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