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Lutfi Akad – Kanun namina aka In the Name of the Law (1952)

Ömer Lütfi Akad, aka Lütfi Ömer Akad, (b. 1916) is a Turkish film director, who directed movies from 1948-1974. In 1949, he debuted as a film director with Vurun Kahpeye (“Kill the Whore”) an adaptation of Halide Edip Adıvar’s book of the same title. He became one of the pioneers of the period in the “Director Generation”. The 1970s trilogy, The Bridge; The Wedding; and The Sacrifice, is considered his masterpiece. Afterwards, he withdrew from movie making instead directing adaptations for TV.

Lütfi Akad directs 4 films. Among them Kanun Namına (In The Name of The Law), adapted from a real story, becomes a milestone in the history of the Turkish screen. Really, Akad brought a new breath and caused to gain a new language to a cinema who tried to express itself for ages. Living characters, actual events and the usage of natural environment put Kanun Namına (In The Name of The Law) its place inside the historical process.

With the year’s most important film, Akad’s Kanun Namına (In the name of the law), the Turkish screen gains its first big star: Ayhan Işık. Işık came to the movies through a contest promoted by a film magazine (Yıldız/Star) and, as a winner, got his first part in Yavuz Sultan Selim and Yeniçeri Hasan (The Sultan Yavuz Selim and Hasan the Janissary, 1951). Another winner of the same contest, Belgin Doruk, soon became also a top female star.
This film was based upon real events that took place in İstanbul, in the following years of World war II. It is about a love triangle that led to homicide, typical for Turkish drama / action movies of the time. When the movie was shown, the common idea was that it has a lot of similarities with 1939-dated “Le jour se léve”, starring Jean Gabin and Marcel Carné. But these events actually occured in İstanbul, and there was no relation between this film and the French one. This can be categorized as a realist movie, carrying the camera into the streets. This film is also said to be the film that carried Ayhan İsik, a very famous Turkish actor of 50′s and 60′s, to stardom.

The quality is not very good. There was no restoration on the original movie. Unfortunately no subtitles.

699MB | 1h 33mn | 528×400 | avi




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