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Ron Mann – Go Further (2003)

GO FURTHER is a documentary that charts the progress of an environmental activism bus tour from Seattle to Santa Barbara, led by actor Woody Harrelson. In a biofuel bus burning hempseed oil as gas, painted with scenic and symbolic murals depicting the tour’s goals, Harrelson and his crew of eclectic environmentalists–a yoga instructor, a raw foods chef, an organic living neophyte–set out to educate people about Simple Organic Living (SOL), calling their trek the SOL Tour. While some of the SOL Tour’s participants ride in the bus, others bike alongside it. Stopping in various cities, Harrelson lectures about how, in the United States, the environment is being severely neglected with paper companies clear-cutting forests, farmers spraying their crops with harmful pesticides, dairies drugging their cows with growth hormones, and pollution from gasoline putting one fifth of all mammals at risk of extinction. The SOL Tour is Harrelson’s plea for change. He is asking the public to be aware of these issues, to demand safer alternatives such as paper made from non-wood sources like hemp, and to eat an organic vegetarian diet that will require farmers to produce safer food.While the mission of the SOL Tour is very serious, its participants are fun, carefree, happy people who are openminded and anxious to spread the word. The tone of GO FURTHER is optimistic and about feeling good, with colorful animated sequences breaking the film into several distinct chapters. Also dividing up the action are music-video-style appearances by Natalie Merchant, Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Weir, Spearhead, and Dave Matthews, all of whom have environment-related songs in the film, contributing to an upbeat soundtrack.

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