Albert Serra – Els noms de Crist AKA The Names of Christ (2010)

Filmmaker Albert Serra specifically conceived the series The Names of Christ (2010) for the exhibition Are You Ready for TV? It consists of 14 episodes, with a total duration of 193 minutes, and is based on the book The Names of Christ (1572-1586), by Friar Luis de León. Serra constructs a narrative based on a free, poetic structure, which ironically deconstructs the conventions and grammars of the film, art and television worlds.

Catalonian Albert Serra’s career has been a curious one. He studied literature, but ended up becoming a film director – reluctantly, he once said, as he considers literature a higher form of art. This may explain why his films Honour of the Knights and Birdsong (IFFR 2009) were based on the literary classic Don Quichotte and the biblical story of the Three Wise Men respectively, but rendered in an unconventional manner. Serra pays more attention to cinematic atmosphere than to plot, thereby underlining the problems facing film adaptations of books.
In this sense, this experimental 14-part series sums up his entire oeuvre. The Names of Christ deals with the challenges of the translation process, from literature to film and from film to museum and from museum to television. The majority of the series, shot in Serra’s unfettered, slow style and over three hours in length, has been incorporated into the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art’s collection.

2.84GB | 3h 13mn | 1024×576 | mkv

Subtitles:Spanish (or catalan),English

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  1. Just letting you all know that I just downloaded it for the 3rd time and it’s still not working, 3rd file is 100% damaged

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