Aleksandr Dovzhenko – The Cultural Heritage [Disc 1] (1926 – 1928)

Love’s Berries 1926
The mistress of hairdresser Jean Kovbasyuk throws a baby up to him. Jean decides in any method to be delivered from a “natural” child…Getting a call to the judicial investigator, Kovbasyuk is given up to search a child. A mistress labours for in the court of people’s “justice”. However much it turns out after registration of marriage, that Jean and in actual fact was not the father of child. But lately…

The Diplomatic Pouch 1927
A soviet embassy in England sends to Leningrad (presently Saint Petersburg, Russia) of two diplomatic couriers with diplomatic mail. A political police tries to intercept documents.Couriers perish, but documents of get are to Inspector-England, that passes them on a steamship to Leningrad. A police hears that on the English steamship hide soviet diplomatic mail, but can not intercept it.

Zvenigora 1927
After folk legends in Zvenigora, that rises in the middle of steppe, priceless treasures of the Ukrainian people are hidden. A number of events of history of Ukraine is princely times, the cossacks, gaydamaks, First world war, revolution – connected by in a film appearance naive and at the same time palter of the Ukrainian grand-dad, character of the Ukrainian peasantry. All his life is devoted to the searches of treasures of Zvenigora, but can not find them. A grandfather is taken away with itself by workers which ride in a train, and a train rushes, as incessant motion of revolution, in the light future…

Zvenigora (release 1973)
Proceeding in a film, during which duration of ribbon was megascopic from 68 minutes to 92 and musical accompaniment is added, was carried out in 1973 years.

Vasya, the Reformer (1926, lost)
The first, lost film of Oleksandr Dovzhenko is given in edition as a film script.

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Love’s Berries

The Diplomatic Pouch


Source………..: DVD9 Retail
DVD Format…….: PAL
DVD Size………: DVD9
Video Bitrate….: 4237 kb/s
Screen Format….: Fullscreen 4:3
Audio Language…: Silent, with soundtrack
Audio Format…..: DD 2.0
Subtitles……..: English, French, Ukrainian, Russian
Menu………….: [X] Untouched, intact.
Video…………: [X] Untouched, intact.
DVD Extras…….: [X] Untouched, intact.

Subtitles:English, French, Ukrainian, Russian

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