1921-1930Aleksandr DovzhenkoArthouseDramaUSSR

Aleksandr Dovzhenko – Zemlya – versions of 1930 & 1971 (The Cultural Heritage [Disc 3]) (1930)

Earh (1930) 59 min.
Poetic cinema story about events related to collectivization in Ukraine at the end of 20th years of the last century, about creation of the first of a collective farm communes, about class enmity on a village.
The best film Dovzhenko and one of the best films in history world to the cinema.
A film “Earth” on the World exhibition in Brussels of 1958 was adopted among the twelve best films of all times and people as a result of questioning, conducted Belgian cinematic among 117 film critics andconnoisseurs of the films from 26 countries of the world. During many subsequent years “Earth” was multiple included in the various lists of the best films of the world of XX century.


Source………..: DVD9 Retail
DVD Format…….: PAL
DVD Size………: DVD9
Video Bitrate….: 4237 kb/s
Screen Format….: Fullscreen 4:3
Audio Language…: Silent, with soundtrack
Audio Format…..: DD 2.0
Menu………….: [X] Untouched, intact.
Video…………: [X] Untouched, intact.
DVD Extras…….: [X] Untouched, intact.


Subtitles:English, French, Ukrainian, Russian

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  1. Hi, thank you so much for this incredible resource. Just wondering, do you happen to have the other discs in the Dovzhenko The Cultural Heritage set? I’ve heard that it’s a ten disc boxset and I’ve seen another site that had Discs 4 – 8 but, now the links are dead and I can’t find them anywhere.

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