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Bakur Bakuradze – Okhotnik AKA The Hunter (2011)

Farmer Ivan Dunaev gets up early. He feeds his piglets, does paperwork, fixes the tractor, and weighs the meat he’ll take in his old pickup truck to the market to sell. He has a wife, a teenage daughter, and a young son. And he loves to hunt. His world revolves around these things. Then, one day, two new workers, Lyuba and Raya, on work release from the local prison colony, arrive on the farm. Ivan doesn’t notice it at first, but something begins to change.

According to the director, Bakur Bakuradze, this film is about the nature of intimacy, about the necessity of intimacy – the strongest feeling a person can experience in this world. In The Hunter the main character is devoid of limitations and artificiality imposed by the life in the city, among the human crowd. At the countryside, among the lakes, fields and woods, Ivan may be himself and may confront his most secret desires.

Kinotavr, Russia, 2011: won (Best directing)
Kinotavr, Russia, 2011: won (Best actress; Tatyana Shapovalova)
Kinotavr, Russia, 2011: won (Critics Prize)

1.04GB | 1h 59m | 608 x 336 | avi


Subtitles:English (custom)

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