Barnaby Southcombe – I, Anna (2012)

I, Anna is a highly stylized modern film-noir love story set in a grimly, bleak London. It follows the intersecting lives of an aging woman trying to pick up the threads after a painful divorce and an impossibly sensitive police commissioner tracking a murder case. Loneliness and alienation are the main themes scratched out by penetrating performances from the leads Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne.

Anna (Charlotte Rampling) is an older woman trudging along daily life in London where she lives with her daughter and granddaughter in a one bedroom flat. Her daughter Emmy (Hayley Atwell) encourages her mother to get out and meet new people and Anna reluctantly complies, joining speed dating and mingling evenings. After meeting a man she fancies at one particular outing, she agrees for a drink at his place, a drink that ends with both of them knocked out and Anna waking up the next morning next to a dead body before running out of the apartment with no indication of what happened.

1.08GB | 1h 27mn | 720×304 | avi


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