Charles Barton – Smooth as Silk (1946)

Lawyer Kent Taylor (Mark) helps writer John Litel (Steve) by defending his relative Danny Morton (Don) in a drink-driving case where he is guilty. Taylor manipulates witness accounts so that Morton goes free and he does this on the understanding that Litel will give his girlfriend Virginia Grey (Paula), the lead role in his new play. Well, after the court case, Litel goes back on his word and, understandably, Taylor is not happy, especially when Grey’s true character begins to reveal herself as she ruthlessly pushes her self-interest. Time for a murder……

This is a fast-moving film with entertaining dialogue and a cast that holds things together. Virginia Grey gets herself engaged whenever it suits her career and drops men like flies when she no longer needs them. She seems to be the main player for the first part of the film which then seems to switch and focus on the plight of Kent Taylor. We see the murder occur but does the cover-up work out? I tell you what, surely Virginia Grey isn’t going to get away with having a personality like she has….surely not….?….

729MB | 1 h 5 min | 706×529 | mkv


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