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Dusan Milic – Jagoda u supermarketu AKA Jagoda in the Supermarket (2003)

Reading the other comments on this film I have to say I might view this film differently if I understood the current socio-political climate in Serbia or the mindsets of the peoples living there. While it had definite moments of social commentary and a few political digs thrown in, I watched this movie primarily as a commentary on what people are willing to go through to fit in and to stand up for the people whom they love.

These messages, and the style of the film, are really universal and accessible. It is easy to fall into this film and get caught up in the quirky, somewhat unlikely, and very endearing situations the characters find themselves in. While I can’t address the political issues that previous reviewers mentioned, I’m really surprised that (in one review at least) the actors were criticized on their performances. There were no Shakespearian moments or performance of a lifetime here, but all the actors were brilliantly expressive and kept up a live-on-stage vibe the whole way through. The dialog was witty and well delivered; there’s a great interaction between the crowd that gathers around the supermarket and the police who are trying to coax out the hostage-taker.

So, just what is this film about (no spoilers): Jagoda works at a new American-style supermarket. She doesn’t really like her job (we don’t blame her). “Just then” a guy with a rifle busts into the supermarket and starts taking hostages. We don’t know what’s up with this guy, is he crazy? ex-special forces? suicidal? Or all of the above? The “tension” builds up as the police, and a large crowd, gather outside. The situation inside goes from depressing to manic and everything along the way. It’s quite a ride towards the final, inevitable showdown, where every character has a hand in the outcome.

This film is a quirky story that encourages you to laugh at the ridiculous situations life throws at you.




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