2011-2020Ary RosaBrazilDramaGlenda Nicácio

Glenda Nicácio & Ary Rosa – Café com Canela AKA Coffee with Cinnamon (2017)

Five friends drink beer and chat at Violeta’s house. Bit by bit, their stories of love, loss and suffering are told, revealing the acts of love and friendship that helped them through the hardest times of their lives.

Margarida lives in São Félix, isolated by the pain of losing her son. Violeta follows her life in Cachoeira, between daily adversities and traumas of the past. When they meet again, a process of transformation begins, marked by visits, cleanings and coffees with cinnamon.

One of the best Brazilian films of the last few years, because unlike most of our independent cinema it doesn’t strive to hit any pre-determined notions of what good movies are supposed to be and at same time it brings back our chronicle tradition that has always been one of our cinema stronger suits. Some of the material on grief can feel samey, but same time the way I avoid the predictable gloom is commendable. Café com Canela can on occasional hit a wall, due the filmmaking limitations, but those keep it unpredictable and there’s many fresh moments. Also both the young gay widower and the scenes between the young lead and her husband have an intimacy current Brazilian movies don’t achieve often. link

3.84GB | 1 h 43 min | 1920×1080 | mkv



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