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Juraj Jakubisko – Kristove roky AKA The Crucial Years (1967)

Jakubiskos debut, by many considered his best movie. The title can be translated as “The Crucial Years”, but literally it is “The Christ Years”, based on the idiomatic notion that a man should accomplish something in life before he reaches the age of Jesus when he was crucified. The film surely has some autobiographical elements, as it is about a beginning artist from Eastern Slovakia who lives and works in Prague.

In this tragi-comic testimony to the need for a choice at the crossroads of maturity, the main character, an emotional artist, keeps thinking about himself and the purpose of his life. Hiding his helplessness, he finds his life without a goal or responsibilities. Later on, he realizes that the quality of life and experience depends on unwritten rules and higher principles.

J. Jakubisko: “My debut about the years when the Universe stops revolving around the crucified illusions of the young who lose their breath while maturing.”

1.39GB | 1h 36mn | 764×430 | mkv

Language(s):Czech, Slovak

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