Masao Adachi – Sain aka The Closed Vagina (1963)

Sain (The Closed Vagina) 57min, 16mm

The Nihon University Cinema Club (Nichidai Eiken) was an organization formed in 1957 by Hirano Katsumi, Kanbara Hiroshi, Ko Hiro, and Jonouchi Motoharu. Employing a collective production method that eschewed the name of the author, the group mixed documentary and surrealist tendencies to confront the increasing political tensions
arising in Japan. Sparked by the security treaty with the US (Anpo) the group reformed and Wan (1961) was the first work by the newly formed collective. Through a narrative of matricide in a country village, the film metaphorically critiqued the failure to prevent the security treaty, its restrained black and white compositions and lack
of dialogue projecting the darkly oppressive spirit of the time. Sain (63) took the metaphor of a closed vagina to symbolize these closed-off feelings, creating a narrative of “love” in order to illuminate other possibilities. The symbolism of cruelty and eroticism was fueled by recent sexological theories and the obscenity trials around the translation of the Marquis de Sade. The screening of the film itself became an event, inspiring many up and coming filmmakers and expanding the frame on underground and independent cinema in Japan.

700MB | 0:55:09 | 640×464 | avi


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