Maurice Dugowson – Au Revoir à Lundi aka Bye, See You Monday [English Dub] (1979)

Bye, See You Monday is a French Canadian relationship drama based on a novel by Roger Fournier. Miou-Miou and Carole Laure star as a pair of attractive young housemates. Both ladies are involved with married men. Both approach these delicate relationships in different fashion and both learn a little something about what happens when one plays with fire. Au Revoir a Lundi, was filmed in 1979, but withheld from general release until the 1981 Moscow Film Festival.

756MB | 01:38:46 | 672 x 400 | avi,_See_You_Monday__English_Dub__-_Miou-Miou,_Carole_Laure,_David_Birney_(1979).avi

Language:English dub

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  1. The link is no longer working.

  2. Hello, and many many thanks for “Au revoir, à lundi”, that’s great to have found it !

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