1991-2000CanadaExperimentalMitch DavisShort Film

Mitch Davis – Divided Into Zero (1999)

A non-linear surrealistic horror film documenting a man’s broken descent into isolation, body mutilation, paedophilia and murder.

Divided into Zero is a trip over 3 points in life featuring a character who is forced to grow at a young age but is then similarly forced by circumstances to remain set in a regime which evolves slowly over time. Shown in a non-linear framework the film switches between these three points as the character as a young boy self-mutilates is then in adulthood drawn into S&M relationships where a female is seen to urinate on him in a dominant act. Into old age the man has turned the tables as he becomes the aggressor, kidnapping a girl and mutilating her, getting a kick out of seeing her bleed and cry, a shot which is echoed through a shot of the middle-aged man squeezing droplets into a doll’s eyes and watching the “tears” roll down her face.

“…unforgiving…gut-wrenching…brilliantly constructed…mixing memory fragments, fantasies and striking photography into a surreal yet angst-driven scream” – Steve Puchalski, Shock Cinema

“A brutal masterpiece of stark, raving, hallucinatory madness” – Ken McIntyre, Sleazegrinder.com

294MB | 34 mins | 512 x 384 | avi




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