Monika Treut – Die Jungfrauenmaschine AKA Virgin Machine (1988)

Dorothee, a would-be writer and journalist, leaves Germany for the Oz of San Francisco, searching for her long-lost mother and a cure for the malady of love. Installed in the Tenderloin, she peeps in on neighbors’ bizarre sex rituals as well as does sightseeing of the more traditional kind. But encounters with male impersonator Ramona, charming Hungarian bohemian Dominique, and Susie Sexpert, barker for an all-girl strip show, lead to exploratory adventures of self-discovery and fun. When Dorothy surfaces like a dazzled tourist on the wilder shores of the city’s lesbian community, she has discovered her true sexuality. . . . and left some illusions behind.

Berlin, Copenhagen, Creteil, Galway, Gothenburg, Hof, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Montreal, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Turin and others

“Monika Treut’s film destroys Cinema.” Helmut Schoedel, Die Zeit, Hamburg

“Treut, who also wrote the script, is an agile, intelligent director who moves easily between feverish fantasy and grubby reality. … And please someone bring out the soundtrack, music by Blazing Redheads, Pearl Harbour, Laibach and Mona Mur.” Amy Taubin, Village Voice, New York

“Virgin Machine is a refreshing, humourous, and what could be described as post-feminist, lesbian coming-out story, that both breaks with and draws on the codes of mainstream cinema …. one of the most refreshing and pleasurable films dealing with female sexuality to be made in a long time.” Julia Knight, Independent Media, London

“This movie is nothing short of sensational as it presents a hail of blazingly memorable and comic images in a deadpan manner. A wonderful display of spontaneity and joy …. I believe it will come to represent a signpost in the general history of gay cinema.” Peter Miller, New York Native

“If the film’s sexual politics relate Treut to Fassbinder – It’s like the Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant – without the angst and melodrama, the black and white look of the film harks to the velvet of Germany’s glory days, the expressionist films of the 20s.” John Harkness, NOW, Toronto

“Dramatic impact and cinematography link this work to the early Godard of BREATHLESS and it’s also the anarchistic spirit of the French ‘Nouvelle Vague’ that is inherent in Treut’s film.” Thomas Rothschild, Stuttgarter Zeitung

“A lesbian Candide …. deliriously obscene.” San Francisco Examiner

“Treut’s episodic manner combines Lina Wertmueller at her most self-conscious with a Susan Seidelman jumpiness.” Caryn James, New York Times

“Virgin Machine expands Treut’s exploration of female desire and entering a territoy of female bliss that could almost be called happy-go-lucky.” Kay Armatage, Toronto Film Festival

“Monika Treut emerges as a major underground director …. One can only hope she will retain her unique style, her frankness and her uncompromising originality.” Daniel Harris, Calendar Magazine

698MB | 01:22:17 | 624 x 464 | avi

Language:German and English

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