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Richard T. Heffron – Trackdown (1976)

“Rugged Montana rancher Jim Calhoun (an earnest and effective performance by Jim Mitchum) searches the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles for his naive 17-years-old runaway sister Betsy (the comely and appealing Karen Lamm), who has become entangled in a dangerous world of drugs, vice, and prostitution. Director Richard T. Heffron, working from a taut and involving script by Paul Edwards, relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, makes excellent use of authentically gritty urban locations (sleazy bars and clubs, grimy back alleys, Hollywood Boulevard in all its grungy neon glory), maintains a tough seamy tone throughout, and stages a couple of last reel action set pieces with real skill and verve (a sequence involving two elevators is both original and very exciting).

“Moreover, this film warrants extra points not only for the way it vividly captures the coldness and harshness of the big bad city, but also for having the courage to pull off some genuinely shocking and unexpectedly downbeat plot twists… The fine acting by the able cast rates as another substantial asset: Erik Estrada as smooth, yet decent small-time hustler Chucho, Anne Archer as shrewd and classy madame Barbara, Cathy Lee Crosby as helpful and sympathetic social worker Lynn Strong, Vince Cannon as ruthless crime boss Johnny Dee, John Kerry as the cynical Sgt. Miller, and Ray Sharkey as slimy pimp Flash. Tony Burton pops up in a memorable minor part as a would-be mugger transvestite. Gene Polito’s sharp cinematography gives this picture a pleasing vibrant look. Charles Bernstein’s funky grinding score hits the get-down groovy spot. Recommended viewing for fans of hard-hitting 70’s drive-in action fare.”

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