1981-1990ArthouseExperimentalJapanSion Sono

Sion Sono – Otoko no hanamichi AKA Man’s Flower Road (1986)

A Tokyo student is running full out; we see him in a meadow, at university, then swimming in a river. He reappears in his garden, naked, then at home as he eats with his family, and then as he watches TV. In the school’s sports field as he doodles with some chalk. After a violent quarrel at home with his mother, he starts running through the city again, as he traces his path, sometimes with thread, sometimes with chalk.

More than telling a story, I angrily threw at the screen the vital energy of hardcore, which I was a big fan of back then. Nagisa Oshima named this way of filming “direct cinema.” The second part completely changes tone, it’s a very tranquil film which you could say depicts a new dimension of mine. It’s part autobiographical and, except for Kawanishi Hiromi in the role of my little sister, all the real members of my family act in it. […] I carefully described the sense of disquiet of the days when I used to come and go at home without saying anything to anybody and which, now, I look back on almost with nostalgia. SONO SHION

1.55GB | 1h 41mn | 720×540 | mkv




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