2011-2020ArthouseCanadaDramaStéphane Lafleur

Stéphane Lafleur – En terrains connus AKA Familiar Ground (2011)

Benoit and Maryse: a brother and sister with seemingly normal lives. Everything is changed by a series of coincidences… and the arrival of a man claiming to come from the future.


It is rare that a debuting director comes along with such distinctive, perfectly formed artistic sensibility. For me he was a revelation in 2007, and I expected eagerly his second film. The least I can say is that I was not disappointed. “En terrains connus” has been the product of the evolution of a singular talent. The visual flair, the subtle details with which the characters are sketched, the brilliantly black humor of the situations, the excellent work of the actors as a group, are all here in spades. Even the place for magic in life (those who have seen Continental know what I’m talking about) gets a new form here, as “The man from the Future”. (This is not a spoiler – he gets mentioned by name in the title credits.You won’t guess his role, though.) And Fanny Mallette, the re-incarnation of (the still very much alive, of course) Genevieve Bujold, is lovely in every sense.

1.21GB | 1h 28mn | 720×400 | avi


Subtitles:English, French idx/sub, English srt


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