1981-1990Atif YilmazDramaTurkey

Atif Yilmaz – Adi Vasfiye AKA Her Name is Vasfiye (1985)

A young writer anguished because he finds nothing interesting to write about, strolls through the streets of Izmir. He comes across a series of posters of Sevim Suna, a local singer. She intrigues him and he stops to wonder who she is. At that point a man comes up to him and says that her name is “Vasfiye”. The stranger begins to tell her story. As the young writer listens he finds himself transported into different versions of Vasfiye’s life.

This entertaining Turkish drama is a surreal romp through the imagination — or is it? One day a young writer (Erol Durak) stands intrigued in front of a poster advertising the singer Sevim Suna, and idly wonders who she is. In answer to his question, a man walks up to him and says her real name is Vasfiye (Mujde Ar) — and in fact, she was his wife long ago. Before the end of that story is near, the mysterious stranger disappears. He is almost immediately replaced by another man who picks up the tale from there. He explains he is a doctor and was Vesfiye’s lover while she was married. Again, he also does not completely finish his story before disappearing. With his curiosity now in high gear, the writer heads ever-deeper into this mystery. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide




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