1961-1970Dick ClementDramaUnited Kingdom

Dick Clement – A Severed Head (1970)

Antonia, the pampered wife of Martin Lynch-Gibbon, an upper class wine merchant, tells her husband that she is in love with their best friend, the psychiatrist Palmer Anderson. Palmer and Antonia want to deal with the situation in a civilized way, by remaining friends with Martin. Meanwhile Martin tries to keep his mistress, Georgie Hands, a secret, but Palmer’s sister, Honor Klein, who taught Georgie at Oxford, tells Palmer and Antonia about her. Furthermore, Honor introduces Georgie to Martin’s womanizing brother, Alexander. This is just the beginning of the various liaisons.

TV Guide:
A black comedy about the sexual escapades of the upper crust in Britain. Remick, who is married to wine-taster Holm, falls in love with Attenborough, the family’s best friend and a psychologist, who is sexually involved with his half-sister, Bloom. All of them romp in the sack along the way and enjoy each other’s company between romps. After some trading around with various partners each settles into a sexual, peaceful bliss. The film takes a few stabs at satire, with Holm playing the fall guy to perfection. He is the only one who does not enjoy all this sexual freedom.

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