Douglas Sirk and Hajo Gies – Silvesternacht – Ein Dialog AKA New Year’s Eve (1978)

Encouraged by Fassbinder, with whom he became friendly after the then-enfant terrible of the German cinema visited him in Lugano, Sirk also did some teaching during the late 1970s at the film school in Munich, where he made three short films with his students.

231MB | 17mn 41s | 608×448 | avi


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  1. Thanks!
    Can you upload the other two shorts, saw them only once. “Talk to me like the rain” and “Bourbon street blues”. Cheers

  2. Could this be restored again?

  3. Down again – and it’s almost New Year’s Eve…

  4. looks like file has been removed due to inactivity, would love to see!

  5. Great post, do you also have the other 2 shorts? Would be much appreciated, thx.

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