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Elif Savas – Coup – A Documentary History Of The Turkish Military Interventions (1999)

Fredken, IMDB wrote:
This video is excellent, if not only for the fact that documenting anything that has happened in Turkey is a giant step. The Turkish state has been notorious (as in most states) for keeping information internal and tightly controlling information. IN the case of the military COUPS, even more so because of CIA/US controls and strategies regarding Turkey.

This film has helped in opening discussions regarding Turkey with my Turkish and Kurdish friends in the US. Many, of course, have been fed historical events through the Turkish state-controlled news media and television, or by their local leadership who have political positions that may necessitate keeping multiple perspectives out of what is told.

This video has been great for my Turkish and Kurdish friends, also, because they see the faces and expressions and hear the touching stories of the politicians, activists, and journalists, who they have only heard about through others in a one-sided way. This video also interviews these people away from the glaring Turkish government eyes, so there is a ‘humanity’ that they have never seen. This adds to the tenor of how my friends see the video.

Of course, if one just wants to be ‘right’ then nobody changes their mind to mature. But most of my Turkish and Kurdish friends were somewhat disturbed and later reflective and maturing in thought regarding their country’s history.

I am so glad this video was made. It is a rarity. Underneath what information the US and Turkish governments want the public to know, is the small pictures of complex events that give new light to history–which always should teach us to improve ourselves.

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