2001-2010DramaErdem TepegozTurkey

Erdem Tepegoz – Zerre (2012)

How much space does Zeynep take up in this vast universe? This is a city brimming with the struggling and the unemployed; aren?t their lives a bit like the infinite, tiny particles flying through the air? Zeynep is already trying hard to make ends meet when she gets fired from her job at a textile mill. The Particle follows her as she searches for a job. We follow her in and out of workspaces. Zeynep?s world ? the streets and homes in Tarlabaşı ? are dark and suffocating. In The Particle, the prison-like feeling of the opening sequence never recedes; we relentlessly feel the dead ends of the city, a dystopia. A sober salutation to the working class, this is a very adept feature film from a director who has obviously spent a lot of time with documentary.

1.08GB | 1h 12mns | 720×304 | avi


Subtitles:English French Spanish German Russian

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