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Iván Osnovikoff & Bettina Perut – Noticias AKA News [+ Extras] (2009)

Noticias is an observational film that using the fragmented format of a newscast program proposes a cinematic glance to the same reality depicted daily by the media. By means of a radical approach to journalistic and anti-journalistic facts, the film puts into play the ways in which collective truths are made.

Jasmin Basic wrote:
News offers a collage of images of the world and a specific and at times disturbing observation of society through fragments of reality that question the audience’s perception. The directors Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff could be described as image architects: the composition of their shots translates a cleverly considered precision. But the proximity of the camera with the beings and objects observed, even scrutinised, could also be reminiscent of the work of a surgeon. In any case, through a unique and intense perspective, they show a mosaic of the world with which the spectator is not often faced: frames in which beauty rubs shoulders with ugliness, where life alternates with death, and cramped interiors make way for vast exteriors. Bringing us face to face in a radical manner with nature, animals and humanity, the directors provide a one-of-a-kind and demanding cinematographical challenge, far from the habitual images shown by the media.

1.19GB | 1h 19mn | 853×480 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish

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