1991-2000DramaJames BoltonQueer Cinema(s)United Kingdom

James Bolton – Eban and Charley (2000)

After his parents get divorced, and he loses his beloved mother to a drunk driver, 15-year-old Charley goes to live in a lonely seaside town with his overly strict, military-man father. During one grim Christmas break, he finds comfort in the companionship of 29-year-old Eban, a schoolteacher home visiting his folks.

When Eban and Charley’s friendship deepens into intimacy, both guys’ families condemn it and threaten to call the police. With tensions high, and the stakes even higher, Eban and Charley face the most dangerous decision of all.

“A demonically pensive, Ingmar Bergmanesque work.”
Gus Van Sant, director of Elephant, Good Will Hunting, My Own Private Idaho and Drugstore Cowboy

“Excellent…the performances are finely understated.”

“Finally! A good gay film! Giovanni Andrade is astonishing as Charley.”

619MB | 1:28:34 | 640×336 | avi



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