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Joseph L. Mankiewicz – All About Eve (1950)

Synopsis : “Eve. Eve, the golden girl. The cover girl. The girl next door. The girl on the moon. Time has been good to Eve. Life goes where she goes. She’s been profiled, covered, revealed, reported — what she eats and what she wears, whom she knows and where she was, and when and where she’s going. Eve. You all know all about Eve. What can there be to know that you don’t know?”
-Addison DeWitt, Theatre critic

All About Eve (1950), is a realistic, dramatic depiction of show business and backstage life of Broadway and the New York theater. The devastating debunking of stage and theatrical characters was based on the short story and radio play The Wisdom of Eve by Mary Orr. A cinematic masterpiece and one of the all-time classic films, this award winner has flawless acting, directing, an intelligent script and believable characters. The film is driven by Mankiewicz’ witty, cynical and bitchy screenplay – through the character of Addison DeWitt, Mankiewicz represented his point of view and opinions about show business. Thematically, it provides an insightful diatribe against crafty, aspiring, glib, autonomous female thespians who seek success and ambition at any cost without regard to scruples or feelings. The acclaimed film also comments on the fear of aging and loss of power/fame.

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Subtitles: English, French, Dutch. Commentary tracks: French, Dutch (idx.sub)


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