Louis Feuillade – Tih Minh (1918)

Jacques d’Athys, a French adventurer, returns to his home in Nice after an expedition to Indochina where he has picked up a Eurasian fiancée and a book that, unbeknownst to him, contains a coded message revealing the whereabouts of both secret treasures and sensitive government intelligence. This makes him the target of foreign spies, including a Marquise of mysterious Latin origin, a Hindu hypnotist and an evil German doctor, who will stop at nothing to obtain the book.

Après deux années de voyage à travers l’Extrême-Orient, Jacques retourne chez sa mère sur la Côte d’Azur. Celle-ci vit dans une villa en compagnie de Jeanne, sa fille, et Tih-Minh, une jeune eurasienne adoptée. Le jeune homme est en possession d’un document codé qui attise la convoitise de plusieurs espions. Ces derniers sont prêts à tout pour récupérer ce fameux document. Jacques et son entourage devront alors braver toutes sortes de dangers.


Language(s):French and Dutch Intertitles

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  1. I have spot checked each of the 12 episodes with the following English subtitles and found that they sync:


    FYI, the 12 episodes have the English titles (the run time to the nearest minute) as follows: 1. Prologue (0:43), 2. Two Dramas in the Night (0:26), 3. The Mysteries of the Villa Circe (0:33), 4. Man in the Tank (0:26), 5. In the Madhouse (0:24), 6. Birds of the Night (0:27), 7. Evocation (0:24), 8. Under Sail (0:25), 9. The Branch of Salvation (0:26), 10. Wednesday the 13th (0:33), 11. Document 29 (0:27), 12. Justice (0:29).

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