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Maurice Elvey – High Treason (1929)

An unlikely film for Maurice Elvey to direct, this is a 1930s vision of what life might be like twenty years later. The film was made in two versions – silent and sound – this is the silent version (and literally silent, no soundtrack on this one). So this is something of an oddity: A British silent sci-fi film! There aren’t many of those around.

1.43GB | 1h 14mn | 720×540 | avi




  1. Thanks for this long lost film.
    But it would be nice to see the SOUND VERSION.
    Anyway, can you put that one up?
    It can be watch’t for free on the BFI site.
    however, only if one lives in the UK.
    I’m not living in the UK so therefor my plead.

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