1971-1980ArthouseDramaFranceRaoul Ruiz

Raoul Ruiz – La vocation suspendue AKA The Suspended Vocation (1978)

“Ostensibly a faithful adaptation of Pierre Klossowski’s autobiographical novel about the struggle between rival doctrinal factions with the Catholic Church, THE SUSPENDED VOCATION illustrates Ruiz’s belief that institutions, in order to survive, must treat all forms of dissidence as treason. In 1942, a film entitled The Suspended Vocation was begun by a group of monks; running out of money, they abandoned the project. Twenty years later, a religious order hires a professional director to again take up this film project; the director, having examined the earlier footage, concludes that it is unusable. He decides to use professional actors, at which point the church authorities, fearful of the escalating costs, withdraw their support. Finally, in 1971, a third attempt is made to rework all the material into a coherent form. Alternately baffling and hilarious, THE SUSPENDED VOCATION appears at times to be an invitation to young men to consider the priesthood; at other moments, a subplot appears implying that homosexual fascists may have infiltrated the monastery and taken control.” – filmlinc.com

1.14GB | 1h 35mn | 712×534 | mkv



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