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Raoul Ruiz – Nadie Dijo Nada aka Nobody Said Anything (1972)

“With this film I returned to the world of Tres tristes tigres, to some people, in this case writers, who live in their own reality and believe that it is, in fact, Chile.” Raul Ruiz

A group of young writers sell their soul to the devil. ‘It is a film about the meaning of isolation and a certain megalomania that developed in Chile during the government of Eduardo Frei. The version RAI originally broadcast [black and white, 45 minutes shorter and until now the only one in circulation] was made by cutting everything out that makes allusion to the political context and makes the characters real. […] The story was not the most important thing: the most important thing was the speeches that were around the story, which is one of the themes of modern cinema”. (Raul Ruiz).

1.18GB | 1:13:02 | 640×480 | avi


Subtitles:Italian hardsubbed, English


  1. Many thanks for this and all the rare Ruiz. Is it correct that this is silent? I’ve downloaded twice to check. Could you check the file? Many thanks.

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