2001-2010ComedyFranceSerge Bozon

Serge Bozon – Mods (2002)

Two brothers, both military, come to a kind of campus, where their third brother is kind of ill : he keeps in his room, not speaking anymore.
Why ? What can one do for him ?

One can think of Bresson with humor, or a poetic musical. The less you know about the movie before watching it, the better it is. It is too simple and too fragile to resist too much description.

When the movie got out in France, the ads were just xerox copies on the walls, with quotes from a dozen french cinema papers (Libération, Les Cahiers du cinéma, Les Inrockuptibles…) all saying something like : this is such a wonderful movie !

808MB | 56:34.000 | 640×384 | avi


Subtitles: English (sub/idx)

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