Tadashi Imai – Bushidô zankoku monogatari AKA Cruel Tales Of Bushido [+Extras] (1963)

Kinnosuke Nakamura plays seven roles in consecutive generations of Iikukuras: (Jirozaemon, Sajiemon, Kyutaro, Shuzo, Shingo, Osamu, Susumu), from medieval warrior Jirozaemon to modern day salary-man Susumu.

He is essentially playing his own descendants, each generation bound by a glorious ancestor’s oath of vassalage for himself & his family to a castle lord.

In our modern age when for the sake of feeling safe from terrorists American politicians are legislating away our civil rights while waging wars for oil profits, there is all too much in Bushido Samurai Saga that is as applicable to our present condition as it was to post-war Japan. Imai has in fact constructed a multi-level fable invested with an alarming degree of universality.

1.37GB | 2h 2mn | 720×336 | avi



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