Alexandre Volkoff – Kean (141-minute version) (1924)

This is a biopic of the 19th Century actor, Edmund Kean.

You may remember him for his famous last words: “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.”

Made some 90 years after his death, the film tells of the greatest actor of his time, a man toasted as the greatest actor of all time.

Great though he may have been on the stage, his personal life was a wreck.

He was hounded by creditors, had a problem with alcohol, and to make matters worse, had fallen in love with the wife of an ambassador.
Troubled by the fact that he loves, and is loved, by someone he cannot have, he drowns his troubles in drink, seeming to have a grand time dancing till all hours of the night while really in terrible pain.

He’s shown to be a kind man too, however, putting on a benefit performance of Hamlet in order to help some traveling thespians who have fallen on hard times.

Unbeknownst to the popular actor, this performance, with the object of his affection as well as her husband in the audience, will have dramatic consequences on his life.

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Subtitles:English Intertitles (idx/sub)

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