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Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub – Umiliati (2003)

In Italy, immediately subsequent to the war, a group of people who lost all they possessed during the conflict, settle in a village in ruins. They intend to restore the city from the rubble and re-start life, in imitation of the women of Messina who rebuilt their city, destroyed as it was by an earthquake. Oscillating between respect and suspicion, co-existence between group members is tense. Things become complicated when an envoy from the government arrives to say that nothing there belongs to them. The film is a free adaptation of fragments of the novella ‘The Women of Messina’, by Sicilian writer Elio Vittorini.

In this film – so full of the fierce lucidity, the political rage mixed with human compassion, that marks the personalities as much as the “positions” of Huillet and Straub – what works a strange magic is the calmness of the positioning, the recitation, the gesturing of the “non-professional” (strange term in this context!) actors in these fields, on these roads: a labor but also a joy, in a sublime, perfect world that is everywhere strangled and murdered but still ever-present and possible… (Adrian Martin)

452MB | 00:33:52 | 720×544 | avi


Subtitles:French, English

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