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Duygu Sagiroglu – Bitmeyen Yol AKA The Never Ending Road (1965)

In Turkey in the 1960s, six unemployed friends struggle in life, some even driven to crime…

Bitmeyen Yol which is sometimes natural and sometimes lyrical, made in 1965 is Sagiroglu’s first and most successful directing experience also reflecting the highest stage of Turkish social realist movement. Telling the stories of migrant workers in difficulty to adjust themselves to the life style in Istanbul, the film was in a sense the “culminating point” of all previous artistic experiences and hardships. Although sometimes criticized for its religious emphasis and narrative complexity, the enigma of synthesizing cultural modernism, socio-political engagement and local-traditional colours that many social realist filmmakers tried to create in their own work between 1960-65, was finally solved in Bitmeyen Yol.

The film is considered the best work on migration to be produced in the 1960s. Also, it is suffered under the system of censorship.

1.29GB | 1h 33mn | 656×512 | mkv



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