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Eiji Okuda – Kyôko to Shûichi no baai AKA Case of Kyoko, Case of Shuichi (2013)

The fifth directorial effort and the first in around six years from film director and actor Okuda Eiji. This drama, set before and after the Great East Japan Earthquake, offers a delicate depiction of a man and woman forced to leave their hometown in Miyagi Prefecture due to the ‘sins’ they have committed.

Kyoko (Ando Sakura) was left with no choice but to depart her hometown after reluctantly selling her body in order to support her family. Shuichi (Emoto Tasuku) served time in a juvenile corrective institution due to his extreme actions in protecting his mother from his violent father. They leave their mutual home of Minamisanriku in Miyagi Prefecture and start new lives in Tokyo, where they experience the Great East Japan Earthquake.

1.66GB | 2h 16mn | 862×466 | mkv



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