1961-1970ExperimentalGregory J. MarkopoulosQueer Cinema(s)USA

Gregory J. Markopoulos – Ming Green (1966)

In early spring of 1966, in anticipation of his eventual departure from the Greenwich Village apartment in which he had been living for a number of years, [Markopoulos] filmed the revelatory seven-minute interior portrait Ming Green , titled for the deep spruce color of the apartment’s walls. Ming Green was edited entirely in-camera, and its precise rhythmic blossoming is based on overlapping dissolves and longer flashes, rather than single-frame clusters. The film’s complex harmonic structure, however — as well as its incorporation of often static, “single” images that may be comprised of more than one frame — echoes the montage techniques developed in Twice a Man (1963). Interweaving mementos with foliage, color, and light, Ming Green suggests the inextricability of past and present: despite its exquisite lightness, it could represent the passage of hours and days rather than minutes. -Kristin Jones, Millennium Film Journal, 1998

A pristine 16mm print projected and filmed by an HD video camera. Flicker is definitely visible, but otherwise the color and clarity are quite good. Until this gets a proper video transfer and release (never?) this might be the best we’ll have.

208MB | 6mn 53s | 1320×880 | mkv




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