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Guillaume Canet – Ne Le Dis a Personne AKA Tell No One (2006)

Pediatric Alex Beck (François Cluzet), still devastated by the savage murder of his wife Margot (Marie-Josée Croze) in the early days of their marriage eight years ago, receives an anonymous email.
When he clicks on the link he sees a woman’s face standing in a crowd and being filmed in real time – Margot’s face. Is she still alive? And why does she instruct him to ‘tell no one’?

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A phenomenon at the French box office, Guillaume Canet’s take on Harlen Coben’s multi-million selling novel is an energetic blend of Hollywood thrills and French cinematic style with big crossover appeal. François Cluzet plays the widower who comes under renewed suspicion when his wife’s murder case is re-opened, only to receive a mysterious email containing a clue only she would know. What follows is a sometimes laughably convoluted take on the Hitchcockian ‘wronged man’ format, but one that keeps the thrill-o-meter on high and the suspension of disbelief even more so, largely due to its highly credible cast.
Dr Alexandre Beck (Cluzet) is still grieving for his wife Margot (Marie-José Croze) eight years on when he watches webcam footage of her apparently alive and well before being warned to ‘Tell no one. They’re watching’. Two bodies are then recovered where Margot was murdered, and the police assume Beck is involved, a situation which the mysterious ‘they’ seem intent on exploiting. So Beck has no choice but to go on the run while trying to work out exactly what’s going on and whether his beloved wife is actually still alive.
In Tell No One, nothing is quite as it seems and, like Beck, the audience is kept in the dark, piecing together what’s happening from small scraps of info. Cluzet makes a great everyman-on-the-run, and boy does he have to run. The film’s action set pieces are brilliant; frantic and nerve-wracking, they expertly distract from the plot’s thinner moments. Aside from this, a great cast, including Kristen Scott Thomas, André Dussollier and François Berléand, help keep the film on the right side of credible. Just. In the end, the story’s reveal stretches the imagination but its emotional core remains intact.

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