2011-2020DocumentaryExperimentalFranceJoana Preiss

Joana Preiss – Sibérie (2011)

A couple equipped with digital cameras travels by the Trans-Siberian Train. She (Joana Preiss) is a known actress and a model. He (Bruno Dumont) is a world-famous and valued director who decides for the first time to stand on the other side of a camera. Instead of the picture of the merry couple, the bitter portrait of the relationship that is falling apart emerges from “Siberie”. Bruno and Joana record theirs confessions, doubts, moments of happiness and moments of weakness. They talk about love, desire and art. Austere and endless space of Russia that is seen behind the windows of the train puts their feeling to the test.
What begins as a road trip doco becomes a shockingly intimate on-camera portrait of a disintegrating relationship.
Art actually is life in Sibérie, the confronting and unflinchingly honest new film from actor-director Joana Preiss. As Preiss and her lover, acclaimed French director Bruno Dumont, embark on a train journey across the Trans-Siberian Railway, they bring along two video cameras to document their travels. But rather than the expected portrait of a happy couple, the cameras instead capture the sharp and unexpected dissolution of their relationship.
Intensely personal and stylistically unadorned, Sibérie is a relationship drama of exceedingly raw nature. Filmed entirely by Joana and Bruno and capturing much more than traditional documentaries ever could, their break-up becomes a piercing psychological meditation on love, attachment and the inescapable eye of the camera. –BIFF.com.au

1.30GB | 1h 22mn | 720×526 | mkv


Subtitles:English (vobsub and srt)


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