Juan José Campanella – El mismo amor, la misma lluvia AKA Same Love, Same Rain (1999)

In 1980, Jorge Pellegrini (Ricardo Darín), a young and talented Argentinian writer, upon returning from a trip to Europe, is forced to write short love stories for “Cosas”, a local, light-themed magazine, to aid his dire financial situation. His boss and best friend, Roberto (Eduardo Blando), constantly censors Jorge’s stories, by deciding which parts to take out or which stories not to print. Jorge’s friend and mentor, Mastronardi, often visits the magazine HQ asking Roberto for work, but due to his history of struggling against the military government in Argentina, finds himself in a black list and cannot find work.

In the showing of a short film, based on a story by Jorge, he meets Laura (Soledad Villamil), a passionate, beautiful and charming young girl who works as a waiter in a restaurant. He is instantly smitten by her, and she gives him her card. Days after, he receives news of the death of Mastronardi, and begins to write a story about his deceased friend. However, he experiences writer’s block, and cannot get around to finish it. Jorge then finds the card Laura gave him, and decides to go the restaurant where she works. They go on a date to a bar, and they display chemistry and understanding, and Laura reveals that she has a boyfriend, an artist on a tour in Uruguay. Things go awry when the police raid the place and take Laura to jail, as she did not have her documents. Jorge then decides to be taken to jail himself in order to oversee Laura’s safety. Upon their release, Laura and Jorge spend more and more time together, and Jorge reveals his feelings for Laura. She then tells him that she currently does not reciprocate, but she will call him if she “figures out any context” in which she could.

1.60GB | 1h 52mn | 1013×548 | mkv


Subtitles:English srt

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