2001-2010DramaKwon-taek ImMusicalSouth Korea

Kwon-taek Im – Chun nyun hack AKA Across The Years AKA Beyond the Years (2007)

Adopted by a nomadic pansori singer, Dong Ho (Cho Jae Hyun) and Song Hwa (Oh Jung Hae) grow up as brother and sister, bounded by a deep unspoken affection. Their father trains them strictly, and Song Hwa’s love and talent for pansori becomes both her blessing and her burden. Young and brash, Dong Ho tries to keep pace as a traditional drum player, but eventually leaves the family in search of a better life. Though in the ensuing years he encounters news places and new people, he can never forget his love for Song Hwa. Together and apart, reunion and separation, the two keep moving in different directions while restlessly chasing each other’s shadows. Dong Ho spends a lifetime trying to find a place he belongs, a way to Song Hwa’s heart.

1.91GB | 1 h 49 min | 832×468 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Korean (muxed)


  1. also I’m grateful that you include the subtitles in the native language – in this case Korean, so I can practice my Korean reading and listening.

  2. I’m so grateful to you for providing this movie. I’ve been hunting it on the net for a few years since I saw his other film Seopyeonje also about pansori performers (I’ve also read the novel in English of that other movie). Also if you’re interested in pansori, the movie Chunhyang (2000) 춘향뎐 tells one of the most well-known pansori stories, beginning with the pansori performer on stage, and then shifting to a re-enactment of the story in live action.
    Thank you. In case you’re interested, I’m a great fan of Korean and Japanese movies and TV dramas, as well as speaking some of both languages.

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