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Lav Diaz – Burger Boys (1999)

“There’s not much written about this film online, there are interviews in which Lav actually mentions this film, but that’s it, perhaps, no one has taken actual interest on this. I have written a paper about this for a film theory class, but I’m afraid its something that I can’t have posted online, haha, reading back, its kind of shitty.

Anyways, the film is about a group of teenagers who robbed a bank for kicks and the consequences they faced after the incident. It’s actually a simple story which Lav wanted to tell with complexity, like Last Year At Marienbad, its degree of success, I think, is not something to be compared with Marienbad, but the fact that this kind of film is actually produced at all in the grounds of Philippine Cinema.

In interviews, Lav has always been saying that this is first film, but was caught up between feuds with the producers, saying his vision was expensive. The film was initially shot in 1995 via the Pito-Pito (Seven-Seven) method (they were given around 2 Million Pesos (roughly 50,000 USD) of Budget, and given only roughly Seven to Ten Days of Shooting and Post Production, whilst sharing equipments with other Pito-Pito productions to cut costs). The film was shelved due to it having exceeded the requirements, and was only pushed to completion by its supervising producer, Joey Gosiengfiao in 1999, around the time when Naked Under The Moon is to be released.

After watching this film, try to imagine it with the original plan Lav and Larry Manda had it mind: this was supposed to be shot on Black and White high contrast, with telephoto lens, on Cinemascope aspect ratio (yes, somehow like Last Year at Marienbad).

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