1971-1980DramaExperimentalItalyLuigi Di Gianni

Luigi Di Gianni – Il tempo dell’inizio (1974)

Distributed by L’Italnoleggio Cinematografico, with Sven Lasta, Rada Rassimov, Claudio Volonte, Jean Martin, Milena Vucotic
Presented at the Venice Biennale 1974.
Segnalazione ufficiale della Critica Cinematografica (SNCCI)
Winner of the Nastro d’Argento 1975.
Presented at the Festival du Jeune Cinéma de Toulon 1975.
Presented at the Festival of New Delhi 1976.
Presented at the Italian Film Festival in London (British Film Institute) 1976.
Invited to the Festival of Valladolid 1975.

This black and white film is a metaphor about visionary character: the protagonist David Lamda traces, through his visions, humanity’s journey in search of salvation beyond the destructive machinations that men wreak upon themselves, ensared by the temptations to oppress and to wield power.

“Locked in a mental hospital, a man (Last) dreams that he has become the victim of a cruel and grim dictatorship. Upon awakening, he discovers that reality is no more bright. A first film that is both learned and engaged, poised between Kafka and Orwell, especially marked by the oppressive and hallucinatory atmosphere that characterizes each… “
from Paolo Mereghetti

“Packed full of meanings, ‘IL TEMPO DELL’INIZIO’ embodies in its visionary and apocalyptic frenzy a metaphor for the pains and injustices suffered by humanity. Somber, dense, interwoven with slow movements, striking in its use of bold black-and-white which extracts from barren Lucania/Basilicata a scenography cloaked in mystery. The film is inspired by the example of Dreyer … “
from “Filmlexicon”

There are some glitches in the source, especially toward the beginning. For example:

1.14GB | 2:02:56 | 688×416 | avi




  1. Great stuff! Could we hope for some more Di Gianni in the future? Such as “Magia Lucana”, his masterpiece?
    Thanks for these great uploads!

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